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New to linux... How to install TMW on Mandriva 2007 pls !!

Posted: 02 Nov 2006, 01:55
by Mobidoy
Could someone explain me how to install the game under Mandriva 2007.

Been trying but no luck.

Thanx for the help

Posted: 02 Nov 2006, 13:05
by Bjørn
It would be helpful if you could point out exactly which part you're having problems with. Look at the README file since it lists the dependencies of TMW, all of which you'll have to install first. Some of them will already come with your sytem (like SDL and friends), while others you will probably have to compile yourself (like Guichan).

Once you have properly installed all dependencies, compiling TMW shouldn't be a problem. It will be a matter of "./configure" followed by "make". When that works you can run the game with "src/tmw". If you also want to install it to your system using "make install", you may want to choose "./configure --prefix=/usr" at the start. Also, I'm not sure if OpenGL support is default yet, but you can turn this on using "--with-opengl".

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 02:18
by Mobidoy
My problem is at the very beggining, i dont even know which file to download. I have downloaded the source file. What read me are u talking about ? The only one i have found are for debian package and win32.

Thanx for the help

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 02:30
by Rotonen
Unpack the source package and read around, it's all in there.

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 23:25
by Mobidoy
I might be blind cause i cant find a doc to help me out with RPM's

Sorry for my dumbness. I am just starting with linux

Posted: 04 Nov 2006, 10:18
by Pajarico
Mobidoy, the RPMs are different from the source package. All the info you need is inside the source package (is all at the downloads page). Inside it there is a README and a INSTALL file, read them.