Two gloves equipped?

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Two gloves equipped?

Post by *luna*stella*sol* » 01 Jun 2007, 18:39

When I play TMW, I can equip two miners gloves.... I don't know, if this is really a bug or intentional :?
Edit: I tried to reconstruct this, but I wasn't successful. When I pulled of both gloves, I wasn't able to wear them together again....
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Post by Manaboy » 02 Jun 2007, 08:56

tahts is a eroor
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Post by ticho » 10 Jun 2007, 07:08

This happened to me when I was switching hats - new hat appeared in the inventory already as "Eq.", and couldn't be equipped, even after I unequipped my current one. Also, when I tried to drop the new hat from inventory, it dropped on the ground, and another one remained in my inventory, this time with "1" beneath it. It couldn't be equipped either. Picking up the one on the ground resulted in "Eq." again.

This somehow cleared itself up after a while - perhaps as I entered another area? Now I only have one hat and have sold previously worn one.
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Post by thebat137 » 23 Jun 2007, 01:00

I had a similar problem with weapons today. I had a dagger equipped and I picked up a knife, which apparently equipped itself by magic somehow when I picked it up, without unequipping the dagger. When I attacked monsters, the damage was calculated with the knife bonus, not the dagger bonus. Also, the knife was displayed as my weapon in the equipment window. When I clicked "Unequip" for the dagger it stopped being labelled as equipped, and clicking "Equip" then caused it to exchange correctly with the knife.
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Post by CurtisMJun » 23 Jun 2007, 05:43

I had it if you have one item equipped and someone drops an equipped item, the same one that you have equipped, then they will both show up. Ex. if you have minors gloves equipped and you drop trade with another that drops their minor gloves before unequipping them, they will both show up equipped. Also if say your are using a bow and you drop trade with someone that had a sword equipped and they drop it before unequipping it, the bow, arrows, and sword will show up being equipped. That is just what I have seen.
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