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bug: creating new character, error finding a file

Posted: 07 Jun 2007, 20:39
by ruckc
The error message i get:

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 Animation: Could not find graphics/sprites/player_male_base.xml 
I get this after selecting a server and then clicking the New button. The file doesn't exist in the graphics/sprites folder and this is a new install of 0.0.23.

Posted: 07 Jun 2007, 21:12
by Crush
Seems like the updater didn't finish properly. So it didn't download all resource files.

Posted: 07 Jun 2007, 21:30
by ruckc
so how do i fix it? i have tried restarting the game numerous times with no help.

Posted: 07 Jun 2007, 22:34
by Bjørn
Please post your tmw.log (or if you're smart enough, preferably only the part showing signs of updater problems). The file you're missing is included with the update.