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Items multiply rapidly after buying

Posted: 16 Jun 2007, 21:35
by Amethyst
I bought a leather shirt and the fancy dress shop and I ended up with 30 something santa hats and all my other items duped too.


Also, are these items now rightfully mine?

Posted: 16 Jun 2007, 23:47
by Crush
are they still there after you logout and login again?

If yes it's an eAthena bug and as such not our concern.

If not it's just a gui bug and as such not that critical.

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 16:58
by mangamaniac
I think, it's a gui bug, because it happened to me, too. And when I tried to sell this stuff, server replied "Unable to sell"

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 17:03
by Crush
It would be helpful when you would find some way to reproduce the bug so we can investigate it better. Without knowing what circumstances lead to the bug we can just guess what might cause the error and without a sure way to make the bug occur we can't research it properly.