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Talking Related Account Banning

Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 19:44
by seporoth
Every time that I am logged in to my account and attempt to talk it says that my account has been banned for five minutes. I wait five minutes and am able to log in. While I am logged in I can do everything that I would normally do, until I talk. As soon as I say one word I get banned instantly and am forced to log out whilst losing all of my preferences. I am running version 0.0.23 in Fedora Core 7. Thank you in advance

Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 19:51
by Platyna
It happens when you use /commands. ;) Don't do that.


Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 19:57
by seporoth
Yeah, I didn't do that. Actually the first time I just said "Hi" to someone. I think it was a character named "Mellon". Also I have now just realized that I also cannot pick up any weapons and/or armor. Food and other items are fine, I can pick up bugs legs and apples, but not boots or leather armor. Thanks again in advance.

Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 20:05
by seporoth
Ok, the item thing seemed to be unrelated. I just had to many items in my inventory. I thought maybe the banning thing was related so I sold a bunch of stuff and tried talking again, nope. I'm banned again for five more minutes.

Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 20:19
by seporoth
I am not sure what just happened. All that I know is that everything works correctly now. Thanks for the help though.

Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 20:31
by Platyna
Next time also learn to use EDIT button.