Monsters hitting you after you run away

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Monsters hitting you after you run away

Post by Sanga » 12 Apr 2008, 11:59

This is an old problem, but I *may* have found a fix for it.

From tracing through the code, it appears that what is happening is that after you take a hit from a monster, the server enforces a delay before you are allowed to move. The client, however, has no awareness of this, and moves the character immediately.

I've tried understanding the code involved, but to date the only result is a headache :)

But while digging through this, I ran into this configuration option in "conf/battle_athena.conf"

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// If a player is attacked, will they have a delay in being able to move? (Note 1)
// (Setting to no will be like always endure)
player_damage_delay: yes

// Damaged delay rate (Note 2)
player_damage_delay_rate: 100
I've tried setting "player_damage_delay" to "no" on my local server, and haven't seen this problem since.

1. Could some devs try this change on their test servers, and see if they get the same results? It may have been that I've just been lucky during my tests.

2. If these tests are successful, I would recommend that this change be made to the main server. While the notion of a player *always* being able to escape from a battle may or may not be what the developers have in mind, until such time as the client correctly deals with this situation, it makes more sense to leave this disabled on the server.
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Re: Monsters hitting you after you run away

Post by fate » 20 Apr 2008, 17:36


that looks very promising-- and this might also explain why we sometimes find it so hard to pick up items during combat. Thank you!

Has anyone looked into changing this on the main server yet? (Assuming that it is the correct solution).

Edit: Changing the client would also work, of course (and I would volunteer for it), but this would take some time to trickle down to players.
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