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map editor

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 01:25
by kodiak

is there any betterway of using different tilesheets for making maps, other than calling all my tilesets default.bmp, and placing them in different folder,s then rotating them in the map folder to what tile i want to use?

also, when i use my own tile, and place them ingame..they get a weird organge tint or something, and arent the same colours as they are in the default.bmp supplied with the map editor, is there some kind of correct file format they should be saved in? what program should they be saved in? after editing the default.bmp suppleid with the map editor, the tiles which are pink are now white, whats going on?

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 07:37
by ElvenProgrammer
I suppose you're working with the editor on the download page, well we switched to tiled now

Support for tiled maps will be completely added in the next release. Just wait till the end of the month and then mapping will be a lot easier. :wink: