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I wanna play :'O (server thing)

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 20:53
by DeathJoker
:| I lost the server link thingey when i tested the test server and now i cant get on either

I think the origonal is

and the test is

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 20:56
by ElvenProgrammer and i don't know about test servers

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 23:36
by ktm
your problem being...? simply deleting your config.xml should do the trick i think...


Posted: 28 Jul 2005, 00:41
by Bear
Its my fault he lost the server config.

Earlier this moring i turned on my test server for like... 30-20 mins.

And he got on following what i said.

But he didnt know how to chang ethe server back :l

for future references, the Official server is

Posted: 28 Jul 2005, 01:43
by DeathJoker
Thanks guys