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Monsters don't leave any items

Posted: 01 Aug 2005, 11:32
by mole
I played now 5 hours, using the latest client on Mac OS 10.4.2 (tmw-

After I killed a monster (maggot, scorpion) they never leave any item, nothing appears, just the killed monester disappears.
Thats disgusting, cause I am at level 8 with 48GP .. :)

Thanks for your work and your help ?

? mole

Posted: 01 Aug 2005, 11:56
by Modanung
I think it's a known bug, but thanks for pointing it out.


Posted: 02 Aug 2005, 04:31
by Bear
what OS/Operating System are you using :o, i think it was Mac that didnt have any drops before...

Re: re

Posted: 02 Aug 2005, 10:47
by mole
Bear wrote:what OS/Operating System are you using
As I wrote above, my OS is Mac OS 10.4.2 (8C46), on a G4/400/1GB.

So If somebody is kind enough to give me at least a better weapon ? :lol:

? mole

Posted: 09 Oct 2005, 10:56
by maci
closed bcs its fixed