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#138980 by Ablu
Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:51 pm

I wrote a small / rudimentary sprite viewer for mana sprites yesterday evening to test whether our libmana is usable for such stuff. Only took like an hour to write (well bit more but i was busy with other stuff too (actually making qbs installing the libmana nicely took by far the most time :P)).

Since it could be useful to TMW devs too who quickly want to test their sprites.

This tool is simply using libmana. This means since libmana currently has no dye support the tool does not support dyes either.
Further the tool is at the moment does not work with the "variant=X" property of sprites (would probably trivial to add though...).

Not sure how far TMW stuff is incompatible with it. But I tested a few npc sprites and they worked fine.

Well I uploaded it here (will throw it on git later as soon libmana is updated and i can place a submodule pointer): ... 0.1.tar.gz

Example use:
Code: Select all./spriteviewer player_female_base.xml equipment/feet/boots-female.xml equipment/legs/chaps-female.xml equipment/chest/shorttanktop-female.xml hairstyles/hairstyle11.xml

Image wrote:Small sprite viewer to display sprites in the Mana sprite xml format.

# Compiling
You need [qbs]( in order to build this project.

`qbs install` should compile everything you need and place it in the
`install-root` folder.

# Usage
spriteviewer <url to client-data> <spritepath1> <spritepath2> ...

The url to client-data must be a valid url. So filesystem links will need to be
in the format file:///home/foo/client-data/.

# License

EDIT: You need Qt 5.1+ in order to compile and use it
EDIT2: Added screenshot

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