Minotaur Concept

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Minotaur Concept

Post by pateame » 07 Apr 2010, 04:48

I was away from pixels, but now that time let me waste some hours drawing I'm trying to draw a new monster, or try to finish the incomplete works on list. So... I just wanna share a ugly sketch from a minotaur based on God of War characters. I wonder if scale and size is too big compared with playerset...
¿should we create big size monsters or stronger stat monsters?.

As seen on images, size need to be bigger to can add more details on draw. Also I add the old centaur sketch to compare size and details. About weapon system, I take some ideas from "Satyr king" character from Demigod forums, where a possible character storyline and attributes are described too.
Im thinking that draw "2 legs things" as a minotaur can be more easy than draw a "4 legs thing" like a centaur, I'm thinking on redraw centaur, and doing a minotaur I will get more experience with big shapes.
Also I have a question:
¿Can 3D models from other games be adapted on 2D pixel games even with copyright on it?
mmm... ¿Did all gods and mythology have copyright owner?. If that kind of "3D to 2D" adaptation is possible, I see good references on action/rpg games like GOW.
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Re: Minotaur Concept

Post by Speiros » 07 Apr 2010, 05:25

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Re: Minotaur Concept

Post by Crush » 07 Apr 2010, 07:26

Nice to see you back.

Tracing a 3d model from another source is still copyright infringement, please try to do without.

Mythological creatures in general are not copyrighted because copyright is terminated 70 years after the death of the author. But a specific depiction of a mythological creature is still copyrighted. Hercules, for example, is a public domain character because the original creator of the character died thousands of years ago. So everyone can create a movie about Hercules. But this doesn't mean that you can pirate Disneys Hercules movie, because Disney has a copyright on this particular work which depicts Hercules.

You should also note that there already is a minotaur monster in development here. Maybe you could collaborate? (I would like to post a link but I am writing from my cellphone right now)
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Re: Minotaur Concept

Post by reojohn285 » 09 Jun 2010, 05:08

It was look liked such a warrior. You have done nice job. You have drawn all the monster sharp and also in the complex size. I liked it. I wish that I will see them after the animate.
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