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Re: New Sword

Posted: 29 Apr 2010, 13:53
by snoopy
i wrote:
AxlTrozz wrote:in other words, Snoopy, the best format to post any graphic contribution is .png
YAY! It's true!!!

why not with jpg?

Re: New Sword

Posted: 29 Apr 2010, 14:30
by bcs86
snoopy wrote: why not with jpg?
The JPEG (Joint Photographics Expert Group) format is for photos, not icons or sprites. The reason we must put sprites and icons in PNG format is because PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is lossless, it is meant for them. Use JPEG for photos where the "artifacts" (areas of data loss) are harder to see.

look at those icons carefully. Not only do they lack a transparent background (which JPEG format is not meant to support) but you can see where the JPEG format has squished the data and caused loss to the icons.

BTW, although MS Paint can export images to the PNG format, It doesn't support an alpha channel (afaik). GIMP and other such editors meet the need for layers and transparency.