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Knight set

Posted: 24 Sep 2010, 18:29
by MerlinX420
Going thru some unfinished things and varioes concepts I came across an armor that was done by freeyorp I believe.
Only a front view was done so I'm going to try and make the rest of the sprite sheet for the set.

Here's a little preview

Re: Knight set

Posted: 24 Sep 2010, 18:57
by Wombat
If you make this set, can you use the same color pattern the chef has for his visor helmet? Or make the visor helmet fit your color pattern. It would complete the set rather nicely.

Re: Knight set

Posted: 25 Sep 2010, 01:10
by MerlinX420
I'm pretty sure I could get the visor helm to fit in.

I want some senior pixel artist to hard critique me on the side view. ( Yes I'm asking for the "You suck! Start it over! j/k)
I don't want to reproduce the same bogus view on the rest of the set and do a crummy job.