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Posted: 30 Dec 2005, 13:58
by Serdalis
erm plz no posts here unless you give me a tip (thats the price of posting... i want to keep this neat so i can look through it and get all the info i need in a small amount of time.)

also im gonna try and make some armours since the game looks like its not getting any.

Posted: 30 Dec 2005, 16:02
by Bjørn
Serdalis wrote:okie just look at the last posts "Icon Version" because ive changed it to a single blade like evlen wants...
also i made a broadsword :D
Hmm please don't change images, as now I am not able to compare this as-Elven-wants-it version with what you had. Cause I think I prefered the white blade, actually.

Posted: 30 Dec 2005, 18:12
by Serdalis

and remember to tell me what i can do to make the swords even better so they look professional :D 8)

Posted: 30 Dec 2005, 19:35
by Ultim

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 05:12
by Ultim

Made the front view animation of the boxing glove... this is the modded weapons.png with the boxing glove. i enjoy the crap out of it. (Play with the glove before adding any criticism)

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 05:57
by Adarias
not sure if this is the place to show them but........

I felt like making some icons for the inventory sheet because i was bored while doing female hairsets, though they are coming along nicely. I noticed that the main area in developement has been desert styled, so i came up with a bunch of desert weapons

Image ... ems5jq.png

Proposed names (they match the drawings)

Bone Knife........Setzer...............Scimitar............Falcion
Scorpion...........Short Bow..........Beheader..........Bone Darts
Sand Cutter......Roc Knife...........Staff of Life.......Crescent Rod
Staff of Ra........Staff of Amun.....Jackal...............Scarab Armlet

I figure if people end up liking any of them, i can eventually make the sets for them. some weapons like the spear (Scoripion), armband (Scarab Armlet), and throwing weapons (bone darts) are of types im not sure even exist......but i thought they were cool. the armband would be either like a melee range magic fist, or a short-range magic bolt fired from the hand, either seemed like a cool idea

All of those are intended for use on light backgrounds only (60V and brighter)

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 09:25
by Rotonen
They do please my eyes.

How about them (and armour) in use? You certainly seem to be able to create stuff out of nothing. :roll:

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 11:51
by Bjørn
Adarias wrote:Image
:o Those look amazing!

Ultim, that boxing glove looks like it could be quite funny. :-)

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 11:58
by Modanung
Adarias, you wow me... I'd almost think you ripped them. :wink:
I think the names should be changed though, as the people of Tulimshar are no egyptians.

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 13:25
by Matt
w00t that items are amazing!

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 16:03
by Adarias
yeah most of the names were off the cuff ^^ but most of the weapons are egyptian in name only, the classic egyptian crescent swrod (beheader) is actually a persian weapon, the scorpion persian as well (i dont get credit for the design of that one, someone a few thousand years ago does). the only ones that are egyptian really are the staff of life and scarab, and i think the scarab is too cool to pass up ^^

but yeah when i finish the female hair test ill start doing sets and things this was for-fun yesterday afternoon while i was waiting for information on a mobile job

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 17:11
by ElvenProgrammer
:shock: ...but..but..those are other words to say...

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 17:32
by Pajarico
...wonderful, yep :)

Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 19:13
by Matt
Looks nice!


Posted: 31 Dec 2005, 23:00
by Ultim
Just made a hilariously fun modification to my weapons.png where i kill monsters by repeatedly bouncing a basketball on their head... off the heezay style. If only i could use my powers for good.