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[GIT] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 00:00
by ChefChelios
this is my ice skull...
it is a increased fire skull.. i just pixeld over it to get the right perspective..
it is a lil bit transparent to improve the ice-look...

regards "a pixel noob" :lol:

Re: [wip] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 00:08
by Reid
skull wasn't on the right perspective :p not a lot of monster in tmw are in the good perspective... but I like it, you did it really well

Re: [wip] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 00:46
by skipy
i like it alot ... :twisted: ....great good on its death frames :mrgreen: .. perspective is not bad imo...
would also be cool to see a full body one :wink: ...


Re: [wip] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 10:21
by Wombat
Since our recent discussion on art, consistency and perspective, this does hit "player sprite perspective" in that it matches the player sprite, like many monsters (like the skull). ... =4&t=11665 <- Discussion

Comments on it are appreciated and will help determine if future monster art, like the "Ice Skull" is acceptable. Right now, I am still a proponent of art that takes on the player sprite's perspective as well as the more correct 45 degree. I'd like more opinions and discussion on the direction this game is taking on art, though it does seem we are siding more with staying more open to a variety of art styles (inconsistent art).

Sorry for presenting a tangent on this monster, but I'd like to see it added, but I really want to make sure there are enough active, contributing voices to the mix on how art should be done for the game as well as voices from players who enjoy this game.

Re: [wip] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 13:14
by argul
seems pretty nice :-)
Keep up the good work.

Although IMHO (a pixel noob as well) there is something missing, but I cannot tell what is missing.


Re: [wip] IceSkull

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 16:07
by Tengu
Good job. I liked too. But 45° view perspective is useful in some cases. Is boring transform all concept art in the right perspective, but this will became easy over time.

Re: IceSkull

Posted: 14 Jun 2011, 18:32
by pateame
Nice! I just found it today using search button :oops:
Here's a spritesheet for testing, I just fit frames on 45 X 60 gridlines to can create a nice .XML for it, also a shadow on floor was added,
but all the credits are for you, great work ChefChelios!

Re: [GIT] IceSkull

Posted: 17 Jun 2011, 12:30
by Alige
Ice Skull was added to database. Thanks to ChefChelios for the graphics, thanks to pateame for the xml and co.