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Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 14:41
by ElvenProgrammer
Ersen: before going on with tons of items, I'd suggest you first refine the ones you made, most of them won't see their way into the game if not improved.
Talking about the first 2, they look somewhat ready, not much to say on them.

The 3rd could use some more detail, it seems to be missing smoother shading. Oh and I thought emeralds were green :roll:

From the 4th on you only defined a shape and filled the parts with colors, sometimes using some gradient. Well looking at the first 2 items I think you could do much better with a bit of effort (supposing they were really made by you).

Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 14:45
by Ersen
Hmm, Lets just say i dont understand english so good :roll:

Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 15:20
by ElvenProgrammer
What you didn't understand?

Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 16:01
by Ersen
I didnt understand all :P If you have a Swedish friend, talk to him and say he translate to swedish :)

Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 16:11
by Modanung
Spriter ar ikke fint enough. :roll: