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[REQ] Lumber Camp graphics. 9th feb = NPCs

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 06:35
by enchilado
At the moment I'm working on a Lumber Camp that'll be South of the swamps! It'll need plenty of new graphics, so I'm going to post what I need one bit at a time.

First of all, the Lumber Camp will require graphics for the following NPCs:

(All lumberjacks should wear similar outfits to the one on the right, bar hat)
  • Bored-looking lumberjack with Michael Palin's hat from the above image (the Foreman) *
  • Lumberjack beside a small cart with logs in it (The Lumberjack Salesman)
  • A friendly-looking lumberjack leaning on a long-handled axe (The Happy Lumberjack)
  • An average-looking lumberjack (Another Lumberjack)
  • A man in a neat suit to fit on one of the seats in the Hurnscald Inn, holding a bug mug of beer (The Mayor's Assistant)
  • A secretary in a blue dress (The Mayor's Secretary)
  • An unhappy man in explorer clothes (green-grey shirt with pockets, green-grey shorts, and a white pith hat) holding butterfly net (The Naturalist)
  • Young woman with a red peace symbol (the upside-down Mercedes Benz one) on her white shirt and holding a "GIVE TREES A CHANCE" sign (The Protestor)
  • Large, crumbling, and mossy Soul Menhir

If anyone wants to work on one of these NPCs, just let us know in this thread so we don't get two people doing the same thing. The Lumber Camp should be an interesting addition to the game, so I hope some of you will be interesting in working on this. I won't be too critical of submitted art.

This is the graphics forum, so don't discuss your ideas here, but if you have any regarding the Lumber Camp first read this and then discuss them in the chat box on the right of that page, or on IRC, or make a thread under Content Development.

Thanks in advance,

- Enchilado

* The Foreman will be a boss as well as an NPC, requiring a full sprite, so maybe it'd be easier to make that and then use the standing frame for the NPC version of him.

Re: [REQ] Lumber Camp graphics. 9th feb = NPCs

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 12:40
by salmondine
I read through the pirate pad and I have this for a rare tree idea.
pt.png (5.57 KiB) Viewed 1033 times

Re: [REQ] Lumber Camp graphics. 9th feb = NPCs

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 13:19
by Crush
Please try to make it fit the other trees regarding color selection, shading technique, perspective and drop shadow:

Re: [REQ] Lumber Camp graphics. 9th feb = NPCs

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 13:29
by salmondine
yeah if he likes the idea I will do that =]
[edit] @Crush
*and ty for taking the time to post the examples...the pallets will be very useful to me. =]