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Re: ooh looky a rock...

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gor wrote: i post a tutorial about rocks, it's general art but some of you might find it helpful
The striped rocks in the tutorial are neat. They would be pretty in the game. Maybe large ones.

About the pixel rocks, the small one is especially nice. It's shape is clear. Maybe that's because it's so small there isn't much shading. Also, the highlight helps separate the surfaces. (Compare to the larger rock, which doesn't use the highlight this way.)

I looked around and found this: http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixelart/29178.htm
The rocks in that image show what I'm talking about. (Also notice the lack of dithering.)

Maybe the bigger rock is challenging because it's shaded so smoothly. Haha it's a stubborn rock. :roll: It wants to be either flat or doughy. Try using the highlights and simpler shading to help define more angular surfaces. That might make the rock more rocky.
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