[WIP]Mob and item DB generator

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[WIP]Mob and item DB generator

Post by baseballboy » 15 Apr 2011, 20:22

Hi guys, I worked on this for a while and then stopped. But it's close to complete I'll attach the source below. Please tell me what you guys think.
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Re: [WIP]Mob and item DB generator

Post by o11c » 17 Apr 2011, 06:35

(This conversation taken from IRC, with a couple of minor edits but mostly so that the public can know my stance)
Here is the list of things that need to be done for my approval:
1. Replace literal tabs with \t
2. Replace /usr/bin/qmake-qt4 with /usr/bin/qmake so it actually builds on modern systems.
3. Rename it so the executable doesn't start with a capital, preferable starting with "tmw"
4. Give the variables meaningful names.
1. Fix the order which tab takes (is it the order that they are added?)
2. Only allow numeric input if only numbers are possible
3. Make drops into a table
1. Allow outputting to a file (probably in append mode, not necessarily the main db files though)
2. Be able to parse an entry (even if just from the clipboard, but preferably from file as well)
3. Hold more than one entry in memory at once. If parsing the main db files, comments MUST be preserved and syntax errors should be warned-about but preserved.

Output an occasional header row and be able to parse and optionally remove them in input (if not removing, reading one will reset the "how many lines until I output a header" counter).
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