[REQ] Monsters for New Tulimshar Area

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[REQ] Monsters for New Tulimshar Area

Post by yubabax116 » 15 Apr 2011, 10:07

as you all know im working on a new tulimshar area :P i went into town and i asked for a few ideas for monsters.
If anyone would help with creating any of the following monsters or another kind of desert monster it would be great help. Im making a area for higher ranked players to level like the graveyard a bit.
these are the monster ideas i need for my Map:

-Cactus heads
-Mini Sand tornados
-Desert Elves
-Sand Element
-Desert Birds
-Lizards (i think its already created)
-Phoenix (boss maybe)
-Hydra (boss maybe)

Also i wanted a Monster on this map for groups to kill or tough like a jacko. I Was thinking something like a Hydra or the sand worm for this.

Please feel free to post more monster ideas and to post more new monsters then just these.

Im planning to make a whole new Generation of monsters for my map :P All the help i can for creating these monsters is appreciated.

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