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Shorts; no more nudity

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 21:45
by Modanung
Next release (probably today or tomorrow) will include these shorts:

Doesn't he look proud with his flat pubic area all covered?

Next up is the leather chippendale string:
Nah, just kidding. There are other things that have higher priority. :)

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 21:49
by Ultim
Haha he looks like a Hanes commercial. Nice job though, they look good.

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 22:07
by Matt
Damn, i liked that pantless playerset!

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 22:44
by frazzled
Now all he needs is a small fruit of the loom symbol on the back.

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 23:05
by Crush
Matt wrote:Damn, i liked that pantless playerset!
you can still use it when you want. ... e_base.png
just replace the new playerset in the /data/graphics/sprites folder of the next version with this file and you got your nude patch :)

Posted: 05 Mar 2006, 23:20
by Ultim
Haha i like the mod, Modanung

Posted: 06 Mar 2006, 18:56
by Crush
there are maybe n00bs who are reading this and don't know how to apply this file.

Posted: 06 Mar 2006, 20:15
by Modanung wrote:Name: Matt, Occupation: Blabbering idiot
Remember that Crush. :)

Posted: 07 Mar 2006, 20:38
by ktm
While there's no actual armor, how about at least some differently-coloured shorts for the time being?
(Or, cheapo "female character": pink slip & some kind of bra. Then again maybe not, that might look too much like a tranny :eew:)

Lookin' good btw; personally I think there's a -hint- too much shading on the pants, but it's not like anyone's gonna stare at those a lot anyways.

Posted: 08 Mar 2006, 11:03
by Crush
new clothes are sceduled for .20. but elven wants some tweaks at the playerset before we start with the cloth design.