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Cave entrance idea

Posted: 24 Mar 2006, 20:21
by Tenche
Cave entrance


i dont see how the image is such bad quality its maximum quality in PS and imageshack doesent change the quality.... :\

Posted: 24 Mar 2006, 20:25
by Matt
Just use png, not jpg...

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 00:16
by Modanung
I like the idea, but this shouldn't just be at the entrance. Bones and such could also just be spread throughout the caves.
It might go nice with yosuhara's spiderweb as well. :)

Oh and ya, what Matt said... use png.

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 01:33
by Tenche
kk ill work on something

Posted: 31 Mar 2006, 01:17
by Ultim
i really like the idea too. Make sure to have them in varying poses!

Posted: 31 Mar 2006, 02:18
by knivey
have a few arrows etc. sticking out of them too

Posted: 09 May 2006, 19:06
by Xephys
I like the arrows idea, and maybe having some variations? e.g. An animal skull or some really broken armor.