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Posted: 28 May 2006, 08:27
by knivey
See if you can draw your idea of an arena for battle.

Posted: 31 May 2006, 17:01
by AniX
I really love your pictures! They are really nice. I hope they come out soon =)

Posted: 01 Jun 2006, 10:56
by Xephys
Right now I am on holiday knivey so I wont have much time, but I will after I get back.

Thankies AniX.

Posted: 15 Jun 2006, 19:16
by Xephys
Ok, it has been some time, but I got some new items.

This is a spear of some sort. Its my first one so don't blame me if it sucks, I tried to make it unique.

This is just an idea for a sword with a spiral tilt.

Since people liked my first robe so much, I made this one, its a kind of coat/robe. It should be red with white fur for the trim. It could be used for cold areas e.g. Ice mountains, ect.

Ok, comment on them if you can, and I'll be making more soon.

Posted: 16 Jun 2006, 17:49
by Rezmont
Love the spear its cool

The sword is awesome I love the drawing very nice.

and Your robe is cool reminds me of the warmth i need when in snow areas lol

Posted: 17 Jun 2006, 09:33
by Xephys
Thanks for the compliments. =)

Posted: 01 Jul 2006, 00:05
by Xephys
Ok. I made some swords, but they just don't get scanned properly by the scanner, sorry. I was able to scan one of them correcly.


Its very plain, but it could be used as a starter weapon or something.

Posted: 01 Jul 2006, 02:37
by Tarm
That sword design reminds me of a execution sword.If you think small scale it looks like a eating knife for fish. ;)
I know we're talking fantasy but anyway...