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My concept Art (LEGOLAS)

Posted: 02 Jun 2006, 23:43
Ok , i dont have a scanner so asked my friend to scann some of my draws. I ll post here just come of them. Some equips and some "personages" that i made. This draws i made before i know mana world , them when i saw on forum that the people were trying to help you i thought i could help too. :D

So here we go :

Thats my armor :

It will be very important for me if you reply.
I just wanna know what did you think about it. :wink:

Sorry for my very bad english , im just learning ( I'm from brazil :? )

Posted: 02 Jun 2006, 23:49
My helmets :

Helmet -1

Helmet - 2

I will be very happy if you reply
Thank you :wink:

Posted: 03 Jun 2006, 17:36
Here are my Boots:


Posted: 04 Jun 2006, 00:29



Posted: 04 Jun 2006, 16:30
by knivey
Looking good I like the second helmet.

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 17:30
by Xephys
Lovin the swords and and boots.

The helmets were cool too.

But the plate could have gotten a bit more detail on it. Overall its good. Keep on drawing.

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 20:14
Really thanks for the replyes Xenphys and knivey :lol:

The next five draws i made before i start playing the mana world but i think they can help in something. You can maybe use some equips or anything else :?

Thats what i call "A Desert Warrior"


I think this warrior could be a NPC in the middle of the desert for a quest, for exemple. Or some kind of guardian of a temple in the desert. It would be good listen some ideas :wink:

Hehe , sorry for my bad english again :oops:

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 20:54
by Xephys
Nothing bad I can say about that, except that maybe the neck is too thick. But other than that its awesome.

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 21:16
Thats some kind of indian


:?: He could live in the woodland or in the jungle. :?:

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 10:44
by maci
Thats some kind of indian
some kind..
completly right. :p
but looks good though ^^

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 22:46
Hehe , thanks maci.

This is another one. It don't looks like anything that already exist , but you can give him a name or a race. :lol:


What do you think , did you like him ?

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 22:58
by yosuhara
he has too small head for that big muscular body, improportional

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 23:31
Yosuhara , i made like that because he should be very strong. Not like human , but a very strong new creature.
He is taking a giant axe with just one hand. :?

Posted: 07 Jun 2006, 00:29
by yosuhara
to be a
LEG0LAS wrote:very strong new creature
he's too humanoid, u changed only his head (well, not too much) but muscles and overall body "structure" is human, he's also dressed like a human...this doesn't remind me of some NEW CREATURE... though he looks to be very strong as u said...

Posted: 07 Jun 2006, 01:27
when i say new creature it doesn't have to be diferent of everything you have already seen. He IS a humanoid , but not a human. So , he is a new creature. Thats the point.