For the concept artists: a professional artist at work

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For the concept artists: a professional artist at work

Post by Crush » 23 Jun 2006, 01:50

i thought that all of you the concept artists might be interested in this.

here is a video of a professional fantasy illustration artist who decided to film his whole working day for some weeks. this is the first video he published. the first two days of the event were filmed by a live webcam but because his server couldn't handle the load he decided to just film it offline and upload a commented fast motion video of the whole day to youtube every evening.

you can see a lot about his working technique and he explaines a lot about how to draw a good image. maybe it can help you to improve your work.

during the next weeks he will most likely make a lot more videos you will be able to see here:

by the way: his homepage is where he publishes a daily webcomic about his role playing group.
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Post by Pajarico » 23 Jun 2006, 03:24

I have watched the video. Is good from an entertainment point of view but it lacks the other half, that is, an explanation of the technique. I like the final product and would like to know what paper is using on the top becauses he is watering a lot the surface using brushes on the last part of the video and it stands without crumpling up.
Fun to watch but unuseful (to me at least)...

Looking at his forums I saw a thread with tutorials. Mind if I (we?) hijack your thread and post more tutorials, Crush?
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Post by Xephys » 23 Jun 2006, 15:46

Well, even though as Pajarico pointed out, it wasn't very good in teaching us anything, the tutorial link did help me a bit.
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