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A girl in a dress

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 01:40
by Luneenia
plain and simple. I'll make it better after I get opinions. Feel free to bash it all you want...just be a little gentle...its my first sprite


Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 01:57
by Tarm
Hm.I think it looks like a man in a dress.You might want to give her bosom and some curves or something.Maybe a little more colours, it's a little to gray.Bright colours make it more feminine.Otherwise it's ok. :)

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 03:02
by Luneenia


Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 03:21
by Tarm
Much better.Any possibility to tone down the masculine shoulders?

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 04:28
by Luneenia
I'll try to make her more delicate. I'll post the product tomorrow, right now, I'm going to bed...thanks for all the comments!

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 14:07
by Crush
how about adding some folds on the skirt like it is done on some of the female npc's?

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 22:30
by Luneenia
alright...She's more delicate and has folds. Any other features I should improve before I continue?

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 22:32
by Matt
Very nice, but...

Her boobs are smaller than her eyes oO

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 23:06
by Tarm
Is it me or is her arms a little to short?Im not sure but I think something looks strange with her arms.

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 01:12
by Luneenia
i made them 'delicate'

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 01:42
by Tarm
Yeah.They're much better now when they're not as "bulging". :)

Hmmm.The strange feeling I get might have to do with that it looks to me as if the left arm is shorter than the right.Is she resting her hand on her hip?

This is a minor thing.It might as well be me needing new glasses. :)

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 09:53
by LadyMarie27
Tarm wrote:Is it me or is her arms a little to short?Im not sure but I think something looks strange with her arms.
No, you gotta imagine that girl as a walking one, so her arms are fine. And as you see the arms are ending at the pelvis which means its correct.

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 15:53
by Tarm
Ahh.Walking.Now I see it. :)

Matt.Size isnt everything.Shape on the other hand. ;)

I dont have any more suggestions at the moment.Anyone?