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Posted: 22 Sep 2006, 16:03
by Platyna
Crush wrote:I have to admit that I made it a little bit too sexy. Maybe I played too much ragnarok online.
Well, the shirt is very nice, so don't put it to the trash. It just fits more to hot beach party than normal, casual clothing. ;)


Posted: 23 Sep 2006, 16:41
by Bjørn
I guess indeed we'll just have to make it an option, so that those who like it can dress up sexy. Many girls seem to like this in the real world, so I don't see why they should be dressing more "casual" in The Mana World.

Posted: 23 Sep 2006, 17:05
by Platyna
I mean't default clothes should be casual, anyway I have nothing against sexy alternatives and more serious ones, diversity is healthy. ;)


Posted: 29 Sep 2006, 11:54
by Crush
Does this shirt pass the censorship?

Posted: 29 Sep 2006, 16:16
by Tarm
Much better.I dont mind that shirt at all but Im a guy so what do I know. ;)

Re: Female cotton shirt

Posted: 29 Sep 2006, 20:24
by Peacemaker
Crush wrote:Image
[sing&loop]come and shake your balla-la-la-la-la-laaaa-la[/sing&loop]

I like it. - but the censored is great too ;)

Posted: 29 Sep 2006, 23:05
by Platyna
Crush wrote:Does this shirt pass the censorship?
I like it, looks very nice.


Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 21:09
by BadMrBox
Both shirts are top notch in my opinion ;)

Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 21:30
by Matt
I like both and prefer the first one.

Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 21:48
by yosuhara
it needs some cosmetical changes (there are some loose pixels here and there, check her right shoulder anyway i think u have already fixed it), but it looks very good...

Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 23:35
by Crush
Walk down animation:
I know it is not perfect. I am still quite inexperienced in animating.

Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 23:52
by BadMrBox
Looks totally ok :). The boobies seems a bit strange thought.

Posted: 01 Oct 2006, 00:04
by Tarm
My eyes :!:

God it hurts.......

Posted: 01 Oct 2006, 00:08
by Luneenia
can we get rid of the bouncing? it just goes bouncy-bouncy too much...

Posted: 01 Oct 2006, 00:29
by BadMrBox
Tarm wrote:He wouldnt be any good.All those drugs he ate kills certain parts of a mans body. :twisted:
Yeah, well... how many kids do he have, you say? :lol:
Platyna wrote: Agreed, breast don't bounce unless you got bra size E and you are running.
Even as I like bouncing breast's I think I have to agree with you.