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top down-ish perspective of the Player set

Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 00:02
by D-Spyckie
Hello all,

While looking around for an anime sprite set i just happened to come by this gem of a graphics set (the player-sheet.bmp). I originally just took the image and ran off to my editor to see what I could do (being a swashbuckling new adventurer of pixel art).

I did some stuff with it, then came back to see if there was some more things and realized that this place wasn't just a sprite collection. Well, all that said and done, I thought I should contribute some ideas before running off again.

I disliked how the player was from a front perspective and not an angled top perspective, so I created a script in photoshop that changed the perspective a bit.

Here's the pro's and cons of the script:

it can work with all 64x64 sprites and angles them the same way. (means that clothing and other things will stay on the sprite if you apply the script on them).
it looks quite good.

it blurs the image slightly (or more than slightly)
the process is a bit long (it involves photoshop increasing the image 1000x, transforming it with a perspective, scale, and repositioning, and decreasing it 1000x to reduce the blur).

Check it out:


The way to use the script is to have everything drawn in the front view (because its easier to draw things without an angle to them), and then apply the script to everything at the end.

I also made a short animated sprite of a someone supposedly throwing something but it turned out looking like someone bashing someone else's head.
Its 2 extra drawn frames (takes a lot from the punch sprite), but I would loathe to require more work from clothing artists.





Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 00:13
by Crush
And all those artefacts don't bother you?

But besides those artefacts that are maybe just the result of some ill format conversions i like the original better. The blurring is ruining it.

Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 16:52
by Modanung
It reminds me of Ultima. Which I don't consider to have good graphics at all.

Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 19:41
by BadMrBox
disregarding the artefacts and all on your examples - the originals are way better.

Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 23:16
by VxD
Modanung wrote:It reminds me of Ultima. Which I don't consider to have good graphics at all.
- rooh .. Ultima 1 is so great ;) ... 012-00.gif
but yes, it's true than he was some times a little... too isometric. ... 484-00.gif

Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 23:25
by Rotonen
Too bad the site doesn't allow hotlinking. ... creenshots

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 02:11
by Crush
i think modanung was referencing ultima online.

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 16:23
by Modanung
Crush wrote:i think modanung was referencing ultima online.
No, Ultima VII is worse... I was refering to that perspective. Somehow it reminded me of that.

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 16:27
by Crush

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 21:46
graphics are almost the same. :shock:

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 21:57
by Modanung
*shudder* Yes, what sick mind would even think about stealing a graphic style like that?

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 22:35
by VxD
I like the idea to move all the objects with the mouse very well implented (U VII in particular) possible in TMW ? ;) .

Posted: 04 Oct 2006, 21:50
I really hope that we will not have that kind of graphics, plz. :D

There are people that love Tibia and Ultima and people that hate them.

If TMW continue developing like it already is, TMW will just have lovers. :wink:

Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 23:49
by Rotonen
Everyone is free to do their own graphcial representation of TMW if they do not like ours. It's free software after all.

I actually liked the content (as in gameplay features) of Ultima Online.

And I think we're going to be keyboard/gamepad oriented instead of implementing more mouse control features.

Posted: 06 Oct 2006, 01:30
by Crush
VxD wrote:I like the idea to move all the objects with the mouse very well implented (U VII in particular) possible in TMW ? ;) .
Not everyone here has played every game ever made.

Could you describe this a little bit more detailed?