[WIP] fountain - 2

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Le Micksha
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[WIP] fountain - 2

Post by Le Micksha » 27 Jun 2016, 07:23

Hi all,

here is my first try for the fountain; I could not resist and had to put the Atlas motive inside, thats why I used a planet on top.
Atlas_fountain.png (3.75 KiB) Viewed 1174 times
I used the copper colors, though it is intended to be made of bronze and needs some copper rust.
I know its not finish at all, just a first shot. But before I go on I would like to receive some comments, i.e. if noob stuff like that will ever be usable or what need to be improved.

Thank you.

updated versions:
Atlas_fountain_3.png (2.93 KiB) Viewed 1118 times
Atlas_fountain_3.1.png (2.57 KiB) Viewed 1118 times
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Re: [WIP] fountain - 2

Post by WildX » 27 Jun 2016, 14:56

I wonder if it's not too small to decorate the planet with the actual features of our world map!
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Re: [WIP] fountain - 2

Post by EJlolAtWork » 28 Jun 2016, 09:41

The fountain itself looks quite good. The texture looks nice, and the whole fountain is interesting to look at. One thing that bothers me though is the shadow. On the fountain the planet is displayed as a full sphere, while the shadow shows it as a upper half sphere with a flat bottom (hope that makes sense). Fix that, and you have a nice fountain IMO. :)
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Re: [WIP] fountain - 2

Post by Reid » 28 Jun 2016, 11:16

I waited for Alige to comment first but it seems that he is too lazy to answer... alt22
I like the overall of the fountain, especially the change with the sphere, it adds this little farnese atlas look :P

There are two things that needs some improvement, the first is the dithering, you should not abuse it, especially in flat and round area (which this fountain is full off). It's pretty hard to do a metallic surface with a good texture, I can't help you much but to tell you to look at some iron shading examples on both evol and the interweb (if you really need help to understand the issue I can try something on the fountain).
The other thing is the light direction, you are doing it good on all of the flat/round surface, but you don't shade your outline, try it, it makes the whole art more lively!

I can't find any other suggestion, the whole piece is really interesting, I like it! ;)

PS: don't care about the palette, we will fix that one later.
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Re: [WIP] fountain - 2

Post by Alige » 28 Jun 2016, 16:00

Reid wrote:I waited for Alige to comment first but it seems that he is too lazy to answer... alt22
Yeah I was.

And now that Reid has answered, I guess I have nothing to add apart that I'm not a fan of the "planet" top part, I would rather use a pointy top.
Also, don't forget the iron bars areas on the floor to make the water go down the sewers directly.

Keep the good work up!

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