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Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 00:38
by Saphy
The weapon is only used as a reference object, right? It is full saturated and green flamed? You would have to update the lighting on the character to reflect your weapon's illumination.

Deformative, are you using GIMP? Try to use pencil instead of paintbrush if you are making pixel art, paintbrush is too fluffy and pixel arts need details.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 00:44
by deformative
Just a reference, and I am using the pencil, but I have difficulty creating the rounded effect without the blur tool, and that is what I am using. I will probably go back and touch up everything later.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 02:59
by deformative

I am missing 2 frames so it is still jumpy, but eh, I felt the need to post. ^_^

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:02
by yosuhara
deformative wrote:Image

I am missing 2 frames so it is still jumpy, but eh, I felt the need to post. ^_^
quite nice, except that it looks weird with head standing still on one place... also legs moves too wild up and down...

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:04
by Madcap
I realize in terms of the martial art this fella is demonstrating for us, head movement is discouraged. But are you still gonna have it move just a little? My $.02.

Looking forward to seeing this in gameplay!!

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:18
by deformative
Yeah, it wouldn't naturally line up that way with the head, but I had to put it like that because otherwise it would have looked even more jumpy since it is missing the 2 frames.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:20
by Crush
Deformative, please don't use tools like blur when creating pixel art. A general rule for the pixel art style is to keep the number of used colors as low as possible.

When you want to use anti aliasing - what you should only do when it looks really crappy without - set the opacity of the pencil tool to 50% and do it manually.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:33
by deformative
Mmm, easier said than done. If multiple colors are so bad why not use like 16 bit or something?

If you want to go back and retouch mine when I finish, be my guest because I do not think I have the talent to do so. It's just i have never worked like that because I have never felt the need before, it seems very odd to me, and I don't exactly understand the logic behind it.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 10:00
by ElvenProgrammer
I think the arms movement is good. But as others before me have already said the head should follow the body movement and probably the legs should jump here and there.

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 12:12
by Modanung
It's hard to tell the quality of the actual animation if the offset is wrong, but as it is now the legs seem way too static.
Also this way of attacking is illogical. Try to hold a stick like that, with your right hand highest and your hand under the stick. Then make the movement as in the animation, moving your right hand down and forward and your left hand back and up. Hard to do ey? :)
Without the starting frame it should work though. And I think that's even the way you would use a staff for attacking. An alternative way to use a staff would be to stab:
Only a staff would be held different in the starting frame, but that's perfectly possible with the same player frames.

Posted: 17 Nov 2006, 21:49
by GravyTrain
I think it looks good, minus the fact that his stomach dissapears for a frame...but if it was more stationary it would look nice...maybe try having him just step kinda like the spear one..but less dramatic