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Dr Wahl's art repository

Posted: 18 Nov 2006, 08:23
by Dr Wahl
I have not done anything too impressive as of yet, but I thought it might be about time to start my own art thread, instead of creating a new thread everytime i have a new idea...

..::Finished Art::..

Casino Coin (single)

Scroll (open)

..::Work in Progress::..

Fire Arrow

Elemental Scrolls (Ice, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Wood)
Image Image Image Image Image

All these pictures are hosted on my website, so if the links are not working, lemme know, and feel free to check out other pictures that didn't make this list...

Posted: 18 Nov 2006, 17:37
by Pajarico
Creature #2 from wiki
I did the artwork and is supposed to be much taller. The player's head should be at the animal's shoulder more or less.

About the color election: I didn't have anything in set in my mind but a bit morebrown-yellow wouldn't hurt. It was intended to dwell on the savannah or desert so it'd look better with a color closer to the soil.

And another note: remember not to pixel exactly as the artwork. In other words don't pixel the same pose with the neck bent and looking to us. Think that it will be animated someday and the frames shouldn't be a direct copy but something usable on an animation (at least that's my desire).

Posted: 18 Nov 2006, 17:40
by Modanung
Also the perspective of the creature is wrong; the feet are on one line.

Posted: 18 Nov 2006, 17:58
by Dr Wahl
the face is just a place holder for now... but i will keep those things in mind as i continue.

Posted: 21 Nov 2006, 00:24
by GravyTrain
hehe..that creature makes me laugh everytime I see it...but as it is our first attempt at a creature I must say it is relatively decent attempt, In a wierd way.

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 08:33
by Dr Wahl
I have added the snowmonster that is in progress. not much there yet, but hopefully i will get some time to work on it this next week.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 12:08
by Dr Wahl
Updated the list with my new work. Removed the monster from the wiki (now Mouboos) and the Snow Monster because I do not plan on continuing the work on it (which was VERY little to begin with).