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Posted: 07 Feb 2007, 17:24
by Dr Wahl
maybe the entrance of the temple could have large snake heads on the wall to kinda foreshadow what is ahead.

to blend the snake into the wall a little better, maybe add some brick textures on the bottom of the neck and have it fade into a more smooth surface.

Posted: 07 Feb 2007, 18:44
by AxlTrozz
well in fact that is the whole idea :wink:

Posted: 07 Feb 2007, 21:02
by AxlTrozz
what about this...Image

if can see i modified the perspective in the leg, but also in the center, i think that worked

Posted: 07 Feb 2007, 22:34
by AxlTrozz
"Temple Tower" concept...


is a tower in the middle of a deep abyss, this can be located before the temple entrance as a fortress position

any comments ?

Posted: 07 Feb 2007, 23:07
by Crush
Made by modanung a while ago.

Instead of the rectangular hole in the middle of the platform i would suggest an entrance building with a staircase in it that leads to the lower levels of the temple.

Posted: 08 Feb 2007, 00:17
by yosuhara
Pauan wrote:You are quite welcome! And indeed it is looking far better. Your next step would be to blend it into the wall tiles better. For indeed it looks like it was merely stuck on top.

EDIT: A thought just hit me! Why not make the snake into a mini-boss or enemy? It would be fascinating to see it writhing inside the wall trying to bite players as they walk by. :)
remember that scene from Harry Potter (assuming u saw it), i don't remember which part, when was Harry facing that basilisk-snake? Your idea reminds me of that....(can be a source of inspiration)

Posted: 08 Feb 2007, 00:24
by Platyna
Open a separate thread for each project instead of dumping all in one thread. What we are supposed to find in such tapeworms? Feel free to repost.