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How i make a new weapon for use a Weapon Animation?

Posted: 25 Apr 2007, 20:22
by strikerbcb
How i make a new weapon for use a weapon animation, for example :

One new item called 'Misterius Bow' use the animation of the Bow, i try use for example, a desert bow in tmw and not show the animation for the bow but the animation for knife ...

how i make this ?

And how i implement new weapons animations, not char animations, for example, if i have a new graphic table for a sword attack in same style of knife, but more larger. This use same char animation, but weapon animation diffent ... it´s possible add this too ?

ps. I add to tmw imagefont the characters for the latin accentuation, how i send this for the developers ?


Posted: 25 Apr 2007, 21:08
by Crush
This is currently hardcoded. The animation of the weapons is set by the functions setWeaponById() in being.cpp where the item ID is mapped to the attack type. The function setWeapon() in player.cpp loads the animation file for the attack type.

What player animation is used for what weapon type is hardcoded in Being::setAction() in being.cpp.

Putting all this stuff into external .xml files is on the todo list for quite a long time. But we will wait with doing so until we got more attack animations for weapons and players (the attack animations for spear and sword are half finished for quite a long time). Until then you have to program yourself to add more different weapon animations.

Posted: 26 Apr 2007, 13:23
by strikerbcb
ok i will try ... you have some of these two animations functional ? If yes, please send me and i can test here.