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Posted: 09 May 2007, 18:19
by Tarrei
And Up /\:
ImageImageImageDown \/:

What do you think about it?

Posted: 09 May 2007, 21:16
by Crush
Just rotating the graphic isn't enough. Remember that you don't see the game world from straight up but from a 45° angle.

The front view should show more of the ball and less of the tail while the back view should show more tail and less ball. Just a quick scetch (yes, I suck at free hand drawing):

Posted: 12 May 2007, 19:38
by Tarrei
Here's the ice: (just mirror it if you want to see it to the left

Posted: 13 May 2007, 05:18
by BadMrBox
It doesn't look to much like ice I think.