Default PlayerSet Proposal

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Default PlayerSet Proposal

Post by strikerbcb » 11 Feb 2008, 03:31

Hi, i´m here for proposal a default Playerset, with all possible game moves for the char, it´s better make a complete playerset now, until we not have many equips, more time is more problems. I know, it´s requires that all equips have to be updated. but it´s really necessary.

Default Animations :
( I will put examples of this animations in other time. )
1 - Stand
2 - Idle
3 - Guard
4 - Charge Attack
5 - Counter Attack
* - Normal Attack
6 - Slash Weapons Attack
7 - Lance Weapons Attack
8 - Impact Weapons Attack ( like hammers )
9 - Bow Weapons Attack
10 - Magic Attack
11 - Skill Attack
12 - Hit
13 - Sit
14 - Killed
Well, any more proposals ? I Think with this 14 Animations the game have all functionality of a full game in animations form.
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Post by Crush » 11 Feb 2008, 03:38

Most of the animations you are proposing are quite gratuitous. All we really need is:

Code: Select all

Slashing attack 
Stabbing attack 
Bow attack
Casting magic
The less animations the more equipment will be made.
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