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hat - hood

Posted: 03 Jul 2008, 11:26
by mon
I did a hood. I'm not sure if I did the gray scale shading right to have it recolored.
I used the Santa-beard hat as template.

I cannot test this in the game because I don't have that hat and when I tried it on the serf hat, the image was offset incorrectly. :D

Re: hat - hood

Posted: 17 Aug 2008, 18:35
by Crush
The problem with headgears which sit so tight to the shape of the hat is that the hair will stick out. A solution for this problem is planned for ages but so far noone got around doing it.

You should try to realign the graphics so that they work correctly when used to replace an item you own. Testing an item graphic ingame is usually the only way to find most of its problems.