Improved female underwear

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Re: Improved female underwear

Post by EJlol » 08 Oct 2008, 16:55

No, but what if lets say we put my avatar ingame as a special race (green skin). And let's say a female version is going to wear a strapless off the shoulder shirt. Your solution whould mean we have to draw every cloth piece for every race, otherwise you would see a fleshcolour on the green alien.

The other solution doesn't need any extra sprites for races. It also reduce a little bit of work on the sprite it self (You dont have to draw any pixels where the bra is).
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Re: Improved female underwear

Post by zick » 08 Oct 2008, 17:26

What about when a player starts they actually start in a basic random outfit. Like a guy could start with either shorts or pants (pants having 1 point higher defense than shorts) and a short-sleeve shirt or a long sleeve shirt. We use a non-descript nude base for all characters/races (even NPC's), but you can't remove all your clothes, you have to have at least a shirt and a pair of pants on. We can make boxers act as pants and a bra act as a shirt, both just offering a very low amount of defense, so people wouldn't want to go running around a dragon's den with just their underwear on.
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Re: Improved female underwear

Post by Habari » 17 Oct 2008, 22:13

My personal stand on this:

Some people seem to have issues with the fact of reality that we are all naked under our clothes.

My professional stand on this:

We should offer a non-offensive solution which does not impair equipment development.

These two viewpoints should combine into some sort of a reasonable compromise.
I think that characters should be naked under the clothes,and for those who don't like it
have a censorship button in the configuration window which makes some kind of thing apperar on top of the naked body...
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Re: Improved female underwear

Post by Rotonen » 18 Oct 2008, 02:04

Ok, the topic is not going anywhere. So:

1) Instead of nitpicking on this, just finish the playerset (naked). Even redoing from scratch is a valid option if you just do it right and get it done.
2) Come back to this when it is the time for this.
This message used to be meaningful.
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