[WIP] Phantom Troupe Leader

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[WIP] Phantom Troupe Leader

Post by Autlos » 24 Feb 2009, 02:22

I kind of need help finishing it. Please help edit, comment, complain, suggest on this piece of work. If you wish to help work on editing this post progressed work here! Only one frame finished! {I need help with shadowing(Unfinished hair because I don,t know which style goes with it)} I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section really tired, and too lazy. Oh and I'm a noob at this spriting stuff
Sprite Template WIP.PNG
Sprite Template WIP.PNG (3.94 KiB) Viewed 677 times
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Re: [WIP] Phantom Troupe Leader

Post by Crush » 24 Feb 2009, 02:46

First of all you are using an outdated version of the player base sprite. See http://forums.themanaworld.org/viewtopi ... =13&t=2617 for how to get all resource files of TMW or go to http://gitorious.org/projects/tmwdata/r ... e_base.png and http://gitorious.org/projects/tmwdata/r ... e_base.png when you are just interested in the current male and female character sprites.

It also seems like the alpha transparency of the borders got mangled by your graphic editor. You are not using ms paint, aren't you? Better get a graphic editor which can handle alpha transparency like PaintNET or Gimp (both are free software). Getting used to them might take some time but it is worth the effort.

Now regarding your work itself.

There are two concepts you still have to learn before you can become a good pixel artist: Color theory and shading.

What you should know about color theory is that you should use a Hue-Saturation-Volume color picker when choosing colors and neither saturation nor volume of the colors you are using should be 0% or 100%. Less saturated and bright colors look much better than full colors, pure black and white should be avoided at all cost and pure grey can be used, but is dull and boring and thus should be mixed with a tiny bit of another color.

The art of shading is using brighter or darker shades of the same color to give a three-dimensional shape to a surface. You do this by painting areas which face the light source (in TMW: over the spectators left shoulder) brighter and areas which face away from the light source darker. A good practice to learn the concept of shading is pixeling a sphere like this:
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