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Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 21:21
by Talaroc
Yeah...if we're adding colors, I'd suggest just hauling off and having a light and dark variant of each color. We've already got light and dark blue (well, cyan and navy, but still), so I think adding in a dark purple, light brown, light blonde, and so forthe could be nice. I'd include a dark grey in there as well, seeing as how we've got white, black, and light grey now.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 22:32
by Kineticstorm
Ok, I made two shades for each color except red and green because I don't have time to right now...
The light color comes first then the dark one is next to it (if you haven't figured it out yet)...
The light brown looks a little orange but I don't care right now... :roll:


They add up to be 14 colors total...

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 23:28
by Talaroc
I would say darken the dark purple just a tad, along with the dark grey.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 23:31
by nayr
I want this, BAD. anything work w/ the current version?

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 00:40
by Modanung
ktm wrote:"nazi-like blonde"? you mean "natural", right? as opposed to peroxide/platinum blonde. why not have both (and also split up the single brown into light/dark ones while we're at it?)
I meant the natural blonde that would fit maci and other players planning a total-world take-over. :P
But variable colours are planned for 0.0.18, the the hair bitmap will be 1/10th it's current size and every colour (with some restrictions) will be possible... yay!

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 05:19
by skeptisk
ok. we're lacking the undercut hairstyle.

if I am supposed to do serious RP:ing I need my undercut.

(yeah, yeah I should pixel it myself, but I suck at everything :()

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 05:21
by Ultim
...And for the rest of us who don't know what and undercut is, please explain what it is and how it is better than a combover.

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 08:46
by ElvenProgrammer
Kinetic wrote:The light brown looks a little orange but I don't care right now... :roll:
Yeah, we have irish people as well :P

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 14:06
by Kineticstorm
skeptisk wrote:ok. we're lacking the undercut hairstyle.
Yeah, what's an undercut?
You can pixel it yourself to give me an idea... or you can just find a picture of it... or explain it in words...
Modanung wrote:But variable colours are planned for 0.0.18
Awe... some...! 8)
Variable colors will make my life easier :) (and everyone elses I guess... :roll: )

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 14:15
by skeptisk


disregard the dreads.

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 14:29
by Kineticstorm
So... it's like a mohawk?

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 14:34
by ktm
looks mor like a mullet if you ask me, only with dreadlocks. that reminds me, we also need said mohawk. and a stained wife beater and a can of cheap beer we can equip 8)

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 14:40
by Kineticstorm
skeptisk wrote:disregard the dreads.

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 15:21
by degen
when disregarding teh dreadlocks isnt it jsut a shaved head with "stubbs" on it ?

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 16:09
by Matt
We need beards !!!!