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I was bored (clothes)

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 06:03
by HaLLanHype
May not be the best of clothes but the 2 I did arent naked at least. The first I dunno just did. Second is a person who thinks hes black lol.


Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 12:21
by Jetryl
Tip: Spread out the cuff of his pants (fellow on the left) a bit - they currently look to be tucked into his socks.

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 20:33
by HaLLanHype
Almost 50 views and only 1 comment? lol oh well I guess.

Yeah I wasnt thinking about that when I was doing it but your right it should be wider at the bottom. I could actually try to do better stuff also but I need something to look off so I know what kind of clothes to make. Maybe I will look up secret of mana.

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 20:58
by ElvenProgrammer
Well just that I don't like rapper clothes :P

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 02:51
by HaLLanHype
the other ones not rapper... looks kinda nerdy though

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 11:48
by Modanung
Looks like my dad... with a lot of imagination.