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Posted: 23 Jun 2005, 16:43
by i
Chetic wrote:INDOOR POWER!!!
Chetic wrote:It looks sexy and all but I can't come with any suggestions how to make it better because I suck :)

at first I must apologize that I'm not working now at this tileset. I have some problems in real life... I have to pay taxes, and some bids... Live sucks XD I have some not finally cleared conceptions, so maybe in near time i will draw some new stuff for that tileset.

btw do we suport tilesets larger than 512x512?

Posted: 23 Jun 2005, 21:05
by Bjørn
i wrote:btw do we suport tilesets larger than 512x512?
The engine would allow up to 1024x1024, but I think we should avoid making them larger than 512x512. A map can use multiple tilesets and they can also go smaller (so you don't need to start another 512x512 set just to add a few extras tiles). Each side needs to be a power of two, and it'd be best to always keep the width on 512 (cause you can't change it without affecting the tile ids, which is troublesome once the set is in use).

Posted: 23 Jun 2005, 23:56
by i
thnx for explanation. I think i cant make whole INN tileset on one 512x512, maybe i can put all of it on 512x512 & 32x512, i dont know yet. time will show.

anyway... goodnight, that was (too) long day. about 21 hours uptime after 4 hours of sleep.

Posted: 29 Jun 2005, 09:16
by Jetryl
Some improvements:

Note the addition of texturing, the subtle drop shadows, and the highlighting and gradated shading on the wood.

Imitate this change for all wood surfaces in the game.
You may have to move the highlight around to different corners, depending on whether it is a floor object, or a wall object, but this technique will give you land tiles that look as good as any nintendo game.

This is the trick they use to give the tiles that *sheen*.

My function here is not to do the work for you, rather it is to show you how to do it yourself.

Posted: 29 Jun 2005, 09:59
by Modanung
Wow, way to go Jetryl, great improvement indeed.
Maybe the plinth (plank at the bottom of the wall) could be 1-2 pixels thicker, if it's even already there.

Posted: 29 Jun 2005, 16:29
by i
well.... Jetryl.... WOW... good job. I wish i have some time to finish what i started.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 05:04
by Jetryl
i wrote:well.... Jetryl.... WOW... good job. I wish i have some time to finish what i started.
:D thanks.

That same reason is why I can't do the work here. I'm already working on one videogame, and don't have time to be the art lead here. *shudder* (I mean, I _REALLY_ don't have the time).

But I have a lot of useful knowledge, which could probably help you guys out a lot, and I'm happy to give that out. "Better to teach a man to fish, than to give him a fish," as they say.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 08:06
by ElvenProgrammer
Sincerely I'd like the fish :lol:
Just kidding...

Anyway really nice improvements, but I know after you release the next version of your game, you'll have a lot of time to share with us :wink:

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 17:13
by Modanung
Selling fish makes money, teaching others how to fish could make some money, but it mostly just adds competitors on the market...
Anyway... I don't like fish... nor fishing. :?

Posted: 02 Jul 2005, 00:37
by i
thnx for hints. I'm already working on improving this tileset. I'll try to make it on yours way. I dont understand a method of wood shading u used, but i have to say that is quite impresive. anyway i will try. Wall factor (texture) is a good sugestion. Wall looks now a lot better.

Posted: 04 Jul 2005, 02:55
by Chetic
I <3 Jetryl :oops:

Posted: 21 Aug 2005, 12:14
by i
I think that tileset is finished. Maybe some improvements will be needed, but thats the future case. Now we need map, and name.

so lets make INN NAME CONTEST
any sugestions, propositions, whatever

current INN tiles state:
what do u think?

Posted: 21 Aug 2005, 13:03
by Matt
I think the beds need a border on the left and right site.

Posted: 21 Aug 2005, 13:42
by i
well... "The Golden Curry" is a good name for restaurant. I'm thinking about spliting INN, Cassino and Restaurant to 3 buildings. but we still need kitchen doors for restaurant. And some windows and normal doors also could be needed.

Posted: 21 Aug 2005, 15:10
by Matt
Well i dislike the current "outside" tileset. They are resized tiles with 2xsai or so...