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Posted: 18 Aug 2005, 21:03
by Bear
P.S. right now i'm making totem poles. Trying to make them very easy to reproduce because i think it will be nice for everybody to be able to leave some kind of signifying mark in the game, artist or not. =D
I dont think All players should be able to, maybe one for every staff member should be placed somewhere

Posted: 18 Aug 2005, 22:39
by ktm
then how about making totems buy-able (yet expensive), then? kinda like houses in ultima online.

btw, i like the "bad cactus" thingy. doesn't fit into the game (style-wise) imho, but definitely looks cool!


Posted: 19 Aug 2005, 02:52
by Bear
i dont think thats a good idea.... remember that this is gunna be a one of a kind online game, altho it would make the game a little more unique, how would it be if there were too many people wanting to buy? just reject them?

That would be called bad services -_-

i still think only staffs should have one specialy placed somewhere in the world.

Posted: 19 Aug 2005, 05:50
by Ultim
Well here's basically the limits of the totem poles:
People getting a developing hand in the game before it's out of beta.
"Artist or not"="staff" members, graphics related or not. For example, i can make a totem pole. EP can too. But he's not a graphics artist. Anyone who has put in a contribution can either make a totem pole or get me to make them. So... if you want one, this would be the time to speak up. The point of the totem pole is for you to leave your self-image in there. For example, if you like RPing as a furry, i'll make a horse head for yours. Or if in a past game you played as a spaceman, i'll make one that just looks like a space helmet. Whatever keys your gaming image.

About the Bad Cactus not fitting in with the game... It'll be suicide for anyone to hold the game to any one style. Everytime i say staff i put it in quotes because you don't really have staff. You have regular donors. In a game where you rely on a myriad of people for your content, demanding one style is like demanding that the sky turn green. *sigh*... i should take that Art Director position. Anyhow, in the mean time, this game won't have a very uniform look to it, but most players don't expect one. You do all the work creating the game but it's the community -- the one thing you do not create -- that is the feature to make the players keep coming back.

Now give me some comments&criticism on my stuff!

Posted: 10 Feb 2006, 22:43
by Tenche
The cactus is so gangster lets make a pink world with Cactuses with sunglasses LOL that whould be hot