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created more pots

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 13:27
by _MeLo_

i just wanted to see more greather pots so i made these tell me what you think... and remember im not a artist, im just doing this becuase im bored :p

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 15:14
by ElvenProgrammer
I'm not sure what's wrong with them, I'd say let's use a less common shape and give it a better color/texture. Anyway nice try.

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 17:18
by Modanung
They are pretty flat and card shaped... but I like the lid. :P

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 17:23
by Talaroc
One thing that'd probably can make them significantly larger than they are. Unless it's changed since I've been gone, item size for inventory icons is 32x32 (so each of them can be that size individually), and the main sprite can be resized to fit the overmap 20x20 size easily enough without losing too much quality. That should give you considerably more room to play around in.

Posted: 16 Sep 2005, 05:53
by Ultim
i was going to give other advice... but i think Talaroc's is better. Try that and smoothing it out so it doesn't look so 8BIT and they'll probably look pretty good. You're not an artist? Fooled me.

Posted: 16 Sep 2005, 10:10
by _MeLo_
ok i updated the pots but like i said im no artist so i dont get what u mean by 20x20 and 32x32...... hopefully u guys like these better :p


Posted: 16 Sep 2005, 11:18
by ElvenProgrammer
Hmm ok better, but they still have a flat coloration, and most of all too high saturation :P Great work anyway.

Posted: 16 Sep 2005, 16:28
by Talaroc
_MeLo_ wrote:ok i updated the pots but like i said im no artist so i dont get what u mean by 20x20 and 32x32...... hopefully u guys like these better :p ... 7jt0rc.png
They're looking better, but agreed with Elven's comments.

What I meant by 20x20 and 32x32 is the size. The pots you're making thus far are smaller than they need to be; for reference, each individual pot can be as big as this square, which is 32 pixels by 32 pixels in size. Image

Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 00:24
by _MeLo_
ok i get it now but i still cant make the pots look not so flat, here is my final update you can change if you want to make it better, but for now im happy as it is :P


Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 04:27
by Ultim
You look like you'll be really good at graphics someday. Keep playing around and making stuff.

Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 05:24
by _MeLo_
:oops: thx

Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 07:47
by Talaroc
Well, what I meant was, the actual pots can take up that whole space. But anyway.

Some tips to help you out. The general construction of the pots is nice, and with a little bit of work they can really look quite good. A few things to help do so:
* Take out the black outlines. It's really tempting to outline everything; I know. It's actually one of the hardest things to learn to overcome, but when you do the effect is a lot better. If you want to outline things, do it with a darker shade of the color of the object.
* It's the shading that will give them shape and make them look three-dimensional. The best thing you can do to learn to do that sort of shading, especially on difficult things like glass pots, is to look at photos and other people's sprites, and then play around and try to emulate it. For an example, here's a graphic I posted a while ago for the magic system:
Look closely at the gems. The shading on them looks complex, but it's actually quite simple. There's two light dots, two dark dots, a dark "v" shape, and a dark crscent (at the bottom). And that's all it takes to make them look 3D, shiny, and translucent.

If you apply that to your pots, and play around a little bit, you can come up with good "glass" effects pretty easily. My recommendation would be: first, take all the current shading and stuff out, so it's just a solid color. Next, decide how much of the pot is filled with liquid; make that part darker. Then, work on adding some light shines along the left side of the pot, as though sunlight is shining on it from the upper left. Next, add a darker "shadow" area in the lower right. Make sure most of the shading, both light and dark, is mostly to the sides of the pot, with not much in the middle. THat should give it a good 3D look.

Go ahead and give it another go (feel free to ignore my recommendations if you figure out something that you feel looks better), post it and let's see!

Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 10:40
by _MeLo_
okie dokie ill try too make it more real and yeah but one problem is its abit hard to do that when i only use paint as the program :roll: but ill try anyways i understand what ur saying ill try my bext and will c what turns out :p

Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 12:10
by degen
Ok i saw this thread and i thought why not make some pots :)
well they arent perfect but perhaps i might inspire someone.

Ohh and Crush or Ultim or anyone else that knows about shading sprites:
Tutorials or tips & tricks got any to share or advice to come with?

Shading is probably not the biggest problem but lighting objects .... i tend to mess that up ...

like these jars i like the shadow i get but not the lighted parts ... (the lids i ment most of all, the botles i was satisfied with)


Well there you have them :D

Hmm after having a 30th look at them perhaps they need more shading to amke it look more circular ... hmm will add some mroe shading to it and see what comes up..

Ok i did some modifications to the shadings on the jars (ooh and i worked in grey scale this time 10 colors and then colored them with a color tool in "the gimp" so the blue became more blueish then the one before) :


Posted: 17 Sep 2005, 12:55
by ElvenProgrammer ... D=706&PN=1

I don't remember if it requires registration.
Of course my favourite one is: