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Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 05 Dec 2015, 17:50
by Chicka-Maria
Ledmitz wrote:Yes, come to think of it, I think I was supposed to do more changes. At the time I had already been a little miffed about none of the sounds being used and practically no one trying out my update server, but everyone wanted me to alter some... when I would make those changes, other ppl had other opinions (this is not just here at TMW) and would want me to change it again. In short, I have no problem revisiting some of these things, but after all the time I spent on it, I'm just not willing to spend anymore unless at less 1 or more sfx get used, otherwise I feel I'm just wasting my time, and time is precious. I just turned 40 yrs old today and lots to do for the party yet, not to mention my car's been in the shop forever. I have to check on that too. It's a busy time of year with Xmas coming too, but I'll do what I can to keep ppl happy if anything gets used at all. 8)
Well the point of the changes is so they can be used :P and I already mentioned there was a couple of them already usable just not a majority of them until they are edited. some just dont fit in the game with SFX but others can be fixed like I mentioned as well.

Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 06 Dec 2015, 19:10
by Cassy
Just a short feedback:

I'm not a big fan of the Lady Skeleton SFX either^^
I just don't like it too much.

But I like all others and enjoy seeing/hearing that we might get more SFX :alt-3:

Oh, the #ingrav sound might still be too long though.
I imagine a bunch of mages casting #ingrav in Candor or at one of the three Crypt generals and it would be too noisy.
Of course I didn't test that yet^^

Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 07 Dec 2015, 15:23
by Chicka-Maria
I tested quite a bit of it and a lot of it still doesn't fit except the ones I mentioned.


Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 11:58
by Ledmitz
I've updated my update server for testing. Some of the sounds/music are the same but a few things have been added/changed. There's also a flare dart animation to go with the SFX and some extra particle effects I created for ingrav and confringo and a few others. Just made ambience to Hurnscald outdoors too. It's very subtle. Sewer ambience is worth a listen as well as Yeti and flame mobs/kid book. Added skellie effects to player with skellie charm.... well a lot. I'll be adding a link to a YouTube video soon for those that can't/won't test and for a bit of historical record.
again, just use this URL as the custom update host on the login screen:

In another thread we talked about setzer. I'll link to this post from there as it is more relevant here....

Here's the wiki page for setzer (quest cost): ... Quest_Cost

1 Monster Oil Potion
1 Short Sword
3 Iron Ingots
6 Coals
50,000 GP
No bone knife ... a short sword and extra iron +

It is too tinny, but it was for a reason. It is a knife... not a sword. i cannot help that a knife was made so powerful or that was all TMW had till now. I was annoyed with a lot of little things. This was one of them. I didn't think it deserved a good strong sound since it was an insult to warriors, but it is not low sounding enough even for a knife. I can lower tone and compress the sound a bit, but it is but a magical knife and it was known to be fast, not strong.

Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 27 Apr 2020, 19:55
by Ledmitz
Ixnay on YouTube. I'm forced to ignore having these services now rather than removing them because I cannot login without giving them a phone number. I feel murderous. Anyway, I'll have to look into mediagoblin or some other way to post because Google services are now completely out of the question for me.

Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 21:09
by Ledmitz
Here's an excerpt from news.txt to show what's been done, though it doesn't list everything:


Added Ghosts, Fallen, Sasquatch, FlashMob, Mana Guardian and
Mana Slayer.
Remade ingrav and some volume tweaks.



A few minor bug fixes and tweaks. Removed upmarmu crit and
gloves and replaced with magic hit particle. Stopped patching
_include.xml files as it was unnecessary and caused errors on
TMW updates. Updates may come more frequently soon.



Reworked Skeleton, Lady Skeleton, Jacko and Terranite.
Added Yeti sounds.



Added confringo, life, chiza, flar, miteyo, discharge, frillyar,
shrooms sounds by Davius, snail sounds by alpha, spider reworked.
Includes butterfly hit sounds by alpha. Spider moves and die
sound author is unknown currently. Fixed missing Jacko and
scythe sounds.

New music: { Barbarians, candr2, chilling environment(TMW
submissions - authors unknown ATT) } and I made Sewer Ambience
for Tulimshar sewers. Clouds Calling edited and brought back.

Created a dart animation to use with flar. Hoping to add a
particle layer over top of it so that dart can be used as a
regular weapon too.

Some other particle tweaks.


Bonus sounds: rain, astral, betsanc, flame, generic, ingrav,
nature, transmute, war, jacko, lady/skeleton, terranite,
boom, critical, alt level up, alt skill up, warp,
reg/short/forest/banshee bow, reg/sharp/dagger/bone/rock/setzer
knives, scythe, staff, misses and a punch.
Removed Grenadier bell sound.

Bonus music: Crypt - Overwhelmed Underground, Swamp - Dreary
Day, Candor (cave) - Genesis and one goofy easter egg.


Re: SFX patch for TMW for testing

Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 22:30
by Matt
Five years later, still going strong! Nice! :mrgreen: