[WIP] Blub SFX

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[WIP] Blub SFX

Post by Alige » 09 Nov 2016, 21:04

Hey guys,
It's me again! Ledmitz and I worked on new blub sounds, because the ones we currently use in game are not as good as we would like them to be. We will use different sounds for the little blubs and for the larger ones. If even bigger blubs appear later in game, if and when its sprite is ever drawn, then new blub sounds will be made.
Feel free to tell us what you think of them! There are different sounds for same actions as they will be used at random in game. However, spawn and die sounds are longer thus they are unique. It's also much more understandable that way.
Enjoy :D
Blub Little SFX.zip
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Blub Big SFX.zip
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Re: [WIP] Blub SFX

Post by Chicka-Maria » 30 Nov 2016, 04:08

Issue I have with the "blub-little-spawn.ogg" is it has the same sound or extremely similar in it as the hurt1 sound. Perhaps take that out and try it out or change it a bit to a more bubbly tone.

for miss3 it sounds more like a droplet in water which i don't know how it moving or you missing can make that sound.

Hurt 2 and 3 sound a bit hard, if its a blub you're gonna want more of a softer tone like hitting something against water or gel. The current sound sounds more like breaking wooden sticks in half.

I like the idea for the blub dieing, but perhaps make the beginning a bit softer as well. (same issue with the harsh sounds of the hurt).

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