Some feedback for contributors

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John P
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Some feedback for contributors

Post by John P » 24 Apr 2010, 16:54

I am seeing a recurring theme in many development forums. It is nice to see 3 pages worth of posts in a thread in order to perfect the game.


The amount of post repetition (within threads) is beyond ridiculous.

One cause?

Many people are not reading prior posts before making their comments. And, I'm sorry, but "many" is even an understatement.

It seems to me that critics are scrolling down until they see a picture, then scrolling down to the reply button without doing any reading. The result is an entire page of critique with maybe 3 posts of substance.

I'll even bet the violators will read this post and think, "I agree, damn them!" Without considering themselves as part of the problem.

The solution

Let's ALL -- EVERYONE -- make sure that we are reading (and comprehending) to ensure that feedback is worth while.


This was sparked when I noticed in Stava/bcs playerset thread that my immediate reply to Stava's latest sample (where I made 3 points) had now had 2 of the points repeated; one each by two different people, and one of the points even repeated a third time by another person.

But we all know that this wasn't the first time, and that this conversation has happened amidst other topics, but now I've decided to make an official thread (and for the sake of hypocrisy, I didn't even bother to see if a similar thread has existed before).

I'm not even going to bother with the nature of thread repetition, I've accepted the phenomenon as part of "the nature of the beast".

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Some feedback for contributors

Post by Crush » 25 Apr 2010, 16:25

I was a TMW artist myself for years and I preferred to have opinions form a wide array of people, even when their content is redundant.

When one person says something needs to be changed and I disagree I can file it under personal opinion and safely ignore it.
When two people say there is a problem there might indeed be one.
When three or more people complain about the same thing I definitely have to change it.

I would recommend all artists for TMW who would like their feedback to be filtered to go to the read-only graphic dev forum (pm Rotonen for access) and explain how they prefer their feedback.
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Re: Some feedback for contributors

Post by Rotonen » 26 Apr 2010, 07:18

Crush wrote:I would recommend all artists for TMW who would like their feedback to be filtered to go to the read-only graphic dev forum (pm Rotonen for access) and explain how they prefer their feedback.
This was indeed one of the main points of creating a read only (for the general public) heavier moderated section on the forums for artists: to help filter out trash. Most of the moderator actions I'm doing on the forums are deleting posts to keep threads barely readable. Empty opinions along the lines of "hey that's cool" are the most common thing to delete without further consideration.

For those people explicitly wanting to keep their thread in the public sections, I'm expecting to have a functional filtration scheme such as Crush has.
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Re: Some feedback for contributors

Post by bcs86 » 26 Apr 2010, 13:43

I should have gone through the thread and noted on paper what points were being made. Though all I've done is white to alpha --> cut&paste --> add white behind sprite --> fix anti-aliased areas. Reading the thread would have only delayed posting WIP. I think Stava might have quit (thanks to dense text however helpful). We all want to help and to have a complete playerset.
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Re: Some feedback for contributors

Post by AxlTrozz » 29 Apr 2010, 03:38

Many contributors had quit (including me) because the overwhelming comments, advises, good and bad that can lead to misunderstandings, frustration and discouraging , many times due to the lack of a best way to say the things (not written).

I use the read only forum for CR1 production, and the Public section to give advise and find new talents also to keep myself updated about the community, but only once or twice you will find a thread that has a nice development and real contribution in the public section. Things had change over the time like a cycle in the forums I wish the good days come back.

I hope not been redundant myself either.
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