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Suggestion for chat box

Posted: 28 Jun 2006, 21:52
by Pajarico
The area for writing your message which appears when you hit enter, should appear in the top of the box not on bottom, why? because it causes some space waste when you only want to read and not to write.

Anyone agree?

Posted: 28 Jun 2006, 23:29
by Bjørn
I don't agree. The bottom is more intuitive for me, as that's where such text input boxes are displayed in any other messenger, chat or even some email applications (ie. GMail). Also, it simply makes more sense to me that when you put the latest message at the bottom, that that's also where the new message input is.

Posted: 28 Jun 2006, 23:42
by Pajarico
I knew someone was going to say that :P.

Maybe is more logical at the bottom but having it at the top is not completely unintuitive either, to me the gain having it at the top surpasses the relative loss of being a bit less intuitive.

Now that I think the right approach would be to resize the text box when the tipying box appears but with current behaviour of the scroll area (broken) doesn't seem doable.

Posted: 29 Jun 2006, 20:28
by Pajarico
I have made a new version. Hope this one reconciles both space saving and intuitive use.

I got rid of both bands that exists right now:
<b>Top</b>: The band for moving the chat window is to wide . I propose to limit it just to the top right corner. Is it possbile currently?
<b>Bottom</b>: Wasted space when the typing box is not showing.

My solution is this:
This is the chat window <b>before</b> hitting enter:
This is the chat window <b>after</b> hitting enter:

<b>Top</b>: The top band is not there anymore, instead a corner serves for moving (where the hand is).
<b>Bottom</b>: The typing box appears and the chat box gets reduced, so the height of the window is the same. The scroll has to stay at the last line, I get the impression the current scroll behaviour is broken...
When the player hits enter again the typing box disappears and the text box gets the previous size (the scroll is always at the last line).

See that the resizing corner (blue) has been moved a bit to the right so the typing box doesn't get over it.

Posted: 01 Jul 2006, 22:57
by Bjørn
I like the idea.

Posted: 02 Jul 2006, 13:40
by Platyna
I would remove the chat box, and make a text appear on top on transparent background when you hit enter, also that's not true text on the bottom is more intuitive, most intuitive is text at up/left corner, that's why menus and other important stuff on screen starts there. It would be also nice to have console mode for people who just came to chat.


Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 02:05
by Pajarico
Well, a different setting for opacity 0of the chat window should be easy to implement, right?