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Post by Tarm » 05 Jul 2006, 23:13

Yes I honestly believe it will be better if everyone spoke english.Much of the aggravation comes from communication breakdown.Just knowing that they understood me helps because then I can ignore them instead of trying to make them understand in various ways.If I cant help them that is.

As I have been trying to make clear I dont care if they speak whatever language they like.I just want english to be the language you use when you speak to a unknown player for the first time.It's the closest thing to a universal language we have.Why dont use it?It would help tremendously.Especially in the general chat.

Make the sign a suggestion or whatever if you feel slighted.Just put it there to remind players to at least try to speak english.

After all.What good is it to play a online game of any sort if only a fraction of the players understand you?Just like Crush was saying.You loose players if they cant talk to other players.
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Post by mangamaniac » 16 Jul 2006, 01:33

I can be really annoying, if somebody doesn't understand you, but he keeps on talking to you in an unknown language (I met enough of those players, writing something thousands of times, and I said "I don't understand" but they kept on and on).

But: I think, it should be allowed to talk to friends and native speakers in another language. I know I'm not the best in English so I'm enjoying it to talk to German people in German, but if I'm talking to someone new, I use English instead.
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Post by Schorhr » 16 Jul 2006, 11:29

Beeing followed by people with sentences like
"buy sword"
is really annoying too. ;-)

I think its great so many different players from different countries play. But as said, english should be some basic communication if first talked too. I talk german a lot on the game too, and try to communicate in french if english fails with french people, though I surely fail at french ;-)
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