Little things that missing

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Little things that missing

Post by Altus Institute » 08 Jan 2016, 07:59

Yes little things that missing in game.
After one year playing tmw, plz find what i found missing in visual or else.

- more sit in hurns, in nivalis, in hurn and of course in candor.
why do we have to sit on the ground? Even tulim's castle if full of useless bed, so put sits.
In case you can re design hurnscald central place to contain all ppl who are sitting, liying on the ground. Hurnscald design is ugly.

- some sit in the boat.
why there is no sit in the boat?
Bed but no sit, its weird.

- you moved the santa house in nivalis center, its good because its near the storage.
But the santa house should be like the sage mansion, outside the city, must not be a place in center. You can put the santa house behind nivalis center (above the entrance for the pinkie cave in nivalis) like if the santa house have a panorama over Nivalis.

- you should put a Christmas tree on candor Island, the island contain the most of children npc for the quest, and finally there are no decoration for them on the island.

- the christmas main event is closed the 6 janv. So we cant have a reward now.
Why the christmas decoration are still in game if the quest is closed?

- Well, well, there is only water pump in hurns and tulim.
All city should have a water pump, its vital.
Since the weather is really cold in nivalis you could put a water pump in a building.
But why we have to go in hurns or tulim to fill our bottle of water when we hunt in nivalis or doing candor battle?

- more hairs style, evol online have lot of hairs style, and here on main server only 3 poor hairstyle, plz add some more ty.

- add brown color, there is lot of brown outfit, could you plz add brown to die our outfit?

So guys you find something really important missing to give a better game mood?
tell here what missing, plz dont tell about hat, rare, weapon, quest....there are already lot of thread about them, ty.
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19:25:34 cassy Its ok wu-wu, we all needs to start somewhere...
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Re: Little things that missing

Post by Rein » 17 Sep 2016, 18:35

i liek this common sence approach .
there should be basic things liek proper seating and wells in each town
.........and more skelletons
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Re: Little things that missing

Post by gumi » 17 Sep 2016, 18:43

Sorry, we aren't adding any new content / modifying existing content for the Legacy server anymore. All development efforts have shifted towards Evol.
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Re: Little things that missing

Post by Tirifto » 24 Jan 2017, 14:19

gumi wrote:Sorry, we aren't adding any new content / modifying existing content for the Legacy server anymore. All development efforts have shifted towards Evol.
If Evol is merging with TMW and TMW content will stay, getting a redesign, that actually seems like a great opportunity to address the points raised here! :D
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