Make "Hide windows" command in ManaPlus toggleable

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Make "Hide windows" command in ManaPlus toggleable

Post by DragonStar » 05 Apr 2016, 03:18

The "Hide windows" command in ManaPlus could come in handy for hiding the unlocked windows to get a better view of the map, but to bring the windows back, they have to be brought back one by one, making the feature much less convenient to use.

I suggest making the "Hide windows" command toggleable, so pressing the input for that command after using it to hide the windows brings back all of those windows.

Edit: To clarify some ways this idea could be useful, the "Hide windows" command can improve playing the game at smaller resolutions where the windows take more space (such as smaller monitors, or smaller window along with others on a bigger monitor), such as seeing players, mobs and the map better where the windows would otherwise be; increase immersion with less unneeded clutter on the screen; and also have less unneeded clutter when taking screenshots. While by making it toggleable, it would become much more suitable to use for those purposes or any others where it may be useful, as the windows can easily be brought back as needed.
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Re: Make "Hide windows" command in ManaPlus toggleable

Post by Cassy » 24 Apr 2016, 15:17

I support this idea ;)
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